Relief Humanitarian Development Organization:

Based on our mission, Relief Humanitarian Development Organization implements health, educational, nutritional, research, food distribution and other projects for our compatriots in various provinces and districts of Afghanistan, Which through those projects, thousands job opportunities have been created for our people and all the direct and indirect beneficiaries approximately reached to millions, therefore we are committed to our people and country to work with full honesty and strength for the betterment of people’s lives and the development of Afghanistan, so this series of activities will be continue for the prosperous life of our people.


Relief Humanitarian and Development Organization (RHDO) is a nongovernmental, non- religious, non-political, non-profit and non-military organization, working for development of Afghanistan through implementation of health, community development and capacity development/research projects

Najat Bashardostana Development Organization is the provider of secondary health care in Herat province. In order to provide better services to our country

the technical team of RHDO Herat province office supervised the health centers at night.

All health care workers out there Presenting their duties and providing services to their needy people with full honesty and commitment. The health and good life of Afghans is our goal.