Relief Humanitarian Development Organization is a non-political, non-partisan, nonprofit
and independent organization founded in 2014. The organization was registered with
the NGOs department of the Ministry of Public Health of Afghanistan in the year of 2014
with the registration # 670 but registered with the Ministry of Economy under registration
No 3121, RHDO is registered in Ministry of Women affairs under registration # 751.
RHDO is registered in UNGM under 531393. RHDO is registered with WFP, USAID and
European Union or PADOR
Relief Humanitarian Development Organization is established to serve as the national
advocate for high quality and evidence based public health practices. Utilizing public
health networks and experts, RHDO recognizes great and pressing need for reforming
the Afghanistan health system to ensure access to the delivery of the best preventive
measures and high quality health services for all Afghans in an equitable manner
RHDO since 2021 till 2024 have singed twining two programs agreement with ACBAR
for capacity building of RDHO Organization, in this program ACBAR is responsible to
review RHDO’ s policies, manuals, Strategies, vison, mission, all formats and trainings
for RHDO Organization.